EDITOR'S NOTE: The "Insider's Guide to Austin" was my very first attempt at creating a full-fledged website in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Cute, right? I've come a long way.


Hi, How Are You?

This is the place to find the best little-known haunts around the big, bustling metropolis of Austin, Texas. Here you'll find activities to keep you busy, places to nosh when you need to refuel, sites to go to when you want to discover new talent, and some great shots of the city. Each page is alphabetized so that you can find what you're looking for pronto.

I compiled this information shortly after moving away from Texas's capital city, and each list matches up to Austin's only standard: each of these locations KEEPS AUSTIN WEIRD! For more details on why I chose these locales and my personal experiences with the Live Music Capital of the World, check out the About section.